Adidas A trip from brand to superbrand

A trip from brand to superbrand

     There is a product behind every brand and there is a man  behind every brand.The aedidas brand is a sports shoe, and the name of the person making it is Aedolf Dassler(1900-1078).AD dealer lived in a small town of Germany. At the age of 20 he saw the dream that every player in the world Eddie did not know that this is the only foundation on which two big companies will be formed. Dassler did the same to strengthen its brand, which every company should do to focus on customers. Dassler focused on players. They used to take the advice of the players to make their products. According to the advice of the players, in 1925 he made a spiky(nail) shoes. Therefore, a relationship with Adidas was created because no one wearing this shoes on school or office.

     In 1927, the Dassler brothers opened the shoes factory. The first time at the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928, players wear Eddie Dassler's shoes. When he won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics in JC Ovens Dassler's shoes, Dessler began to call the shoes of the boot. (At that time the name of the boot was Dassler.) But after the Second World War ended, there was a dispute in the Dassler family. In 1948, there was so much debate among both the brothers that Eddie Dassler started the Adidas brand and started a Puma brand by Rudolf Dassler.

      When Eddie Dassler died in 1978, Adidas was 4th each year. Was making 5 million shoes and was at the top of the sports shoes world. His American spots were included in the Goods Industry Hall of Fame for his outstanding contribution to sports. This honor was first received by a non-American. In 1987, the Dassler family sold the company, but the brand still exists today. In 2006, Adidas. In 2006 Adidas 11.8  billion dollars, the rival company Reebok has strengthened its position by purchasing. In 2010 the adidas group sold 11.99 billion euros and employed 42,540 employees.

       In the 1920s, if you asked someone if it was possible to establish a company like Edidas, then perhaps the answer might have been impossible. But due to the concentration and frenzy of Eddie Dassler, it is possible even possible. Perhaps that is the new formula of the adidas since 2004, Impossible Is Nothing. (Not impossible).

Lessons of Brand Management

  • Adolf Dassler launches a new season of professional sports shoes Until then nobody had thought of making special shoes for the players, because their sales market seemed very limited. Other companies did not understand that the wear of the players is a popular brand. Eddas not only thought of making sports sense, but also thought about making different types of shoes for each game. Many of the shoes, the brand just one Adidas.

  • Dassler consulted the players to make the brand better, experimented and made technological improvements. Due to this, Adolf Dassler has a patent of over 700 patents, due to the new formula, the adidas name blazed in football. West Germany's football team won the World Cup in 1954 by wearing stiff Adidas shoes in the wet ground and won the adidas brand on that day.
Interesting facts

  • After the controversy in 1948, both brothers Adolf and Rudolph became intimidating enemies. The people of the city took advantage of their quarrels. Wicked people were knowingly going to meet Rudolph after wearing the Adidas shoes. Seeing this, Rudolph was getting sick and gave Puma shoes to the vote.

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