Amazon The largest online bookstore

The largest online bookstore

       Jeff Bezos (born 1964) created history by starting the website. He facilitated the purchase of favorite books of the house through the internet, he started the internet revolution and started the online selling and the beginning of the Net Banking era.

      Jeff Bezos, a computer science expert, was a fund manager in New York. During surfing one day in April 1994, he found out that the number of people using the web is increasing at 2300% per year. In the past, he got the idea that why not start an online business? The idea was so overwhelming on the heart of Bezos that he left his good work job, of course, he risked a very big risk. Especially at the time that his newborns got married, then Judge made a list of 20 products that could be sold through the web. CDs, Commuter Software and Hardware Books etc. Eventually, Bezos chose books because books through the internet could be sold very cheaply and easily.

      The website started in June, 1995. Only four years later, its market value was valued at $ 6 billion. Do you know . That's when only three employees were working when was launched? Today there are 33, 700 employees working. In 2010, Amazon's total sales were $ 34.2 billion and of which it earned a net profit of $ 1.15 billion. Jeff Bezos is ranked 30th in Forbes' list of world's richest people and he has a wealth of $ 18.1 billion. All this happened so that they were successful in making superbands of selling books incredibly. In 2007, the Amazon Kindle e-book reader was placed in the market. It was a better job to be a superbrand because it changed the habit of reading people. According to an estimate, about 80 lakh Kinder Readers were sold in 2010. In 2010, almost all the paperback books were sold on Amazon, it is not said to be exaggerated that the Kindle eBooks were sold 15% more books. There are two pillars of Amazon Brand: online sale of books and an instant ebook on the Kindle dowenloding.

Lessons of Brand Management

  • Being Amazon's first brand of on-line selling of books, it is a brand leader. Because of the Kindle Reader, it became a brand leader in the field of e-books. The Kindle proved to be very beneficial for the company, because it saved the headache of shipping the books, the cost was saved and the permanent customers became.

  • Today, more than 40 types of items are available on ezones including electronics, clothing, shoes, videos, CDs, DVDs, motorcycles, toys etc. Rather than focusing everything on the books brand, he has made himself a superstar, so the brand is weak. Instead, Amazon should attract books of other languages ​​and readers of other countries. He should start the local online website in every country. If Amazon had come before India, ClipCart would not have had the chance to step up or strengthen its roots. We and Jeff Bejose should also not forget that Amazon is a brand of books at the core. All other things are extra; His genuine hero is a book.

Interesting facts

  • The Amazon Company started in the garage. The bayjose had a bell in the garage, and it seemed to be running as soon as the order was received. When he started to steer constantly, Jeff fired. If today's bell was stuck, neither Jeff Baijos could sleep nor the neighbors around him, because nowadays there are many orders on Amazon every second.

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