Cadbury Dairy Milk Cadbury's largest chocolate brand

Cadbury Dairy Milk
Cadbury's largest chocolate brand

     Dairymilk is number one chocolate brand. Around the world It is also number one in India. But did you know that today Cadbury Company, which has reached more than 60 countries, was started in a small shop in Birmingham in 1824. Do you know its founder John Cadbury (1801-1889) sitting at the counter at a time selling drinking chocolates, tea and coffee Were you? Cadbury's success shows that every big tree starts from a small seed! Is done. When the 23-year-old John Cadbury's drinking chocolate became popular, seven years later he opened a thriller to make it. It was the small foundation of the same Cadbury Company, on which a skyscraper building went ahead.

     The idea of ​​making a milk chocolate came from John Cadbury's son Jorge Cadbury. At that time, milk chocolates made in Switzerland were very popular in England, but there was not even a good chocolate in England. Jorge Cadbury has found a team of experts to find a mix of chocolate folks After several years of hard work, dairy milk was prepared in 1905. By 1913, dairy milk became the best-selling brand of the company and it has maintained its position as yet. In the meantime, fashion changed, machines changed, world changed, but Cadbury did not replace dairy milk resins. Half a pound chocolate, one and a half glass of lentil milk is sold every year, 25 million dairy milk bars are sold each year and this brand earns an annual income of 50 million pounds. Cadbury and its number one brand of dairy milk in India are similar. India's chocolate market is 16 billion rupees, which accounts for 70 percent of Cadbury's share of only 30 percent of dairy milk.

     Today the Cadbury Empire is spread over over 60 countries and is the world's largest company in the Confectionery Seagant.In 2008, his income was 5.38 billion pound and in 2010, he took over 11.5 billion pound ($ 18.9 billion) in Crank, but it was only talked about from a small shop.

Lessons from brand management

  • The company has made a poor dairy dairy brand by brand extension. The first extension was made in 1928 when the dairy milk foot and nut came to the market. Then in 1933 the Hall nuts. After that, the line took place, dairy milk silk, dairy milk crack, dairy milk roasted almond, dairy milk shots, dairy milk allars. It is clear that Cadbury's brand has weakened due to such hapless brand addition. 
  • Cadbury Brand has focused its attention on the younger class and has increased its popularity. Dairy milk has become a brand of young class because of advertising. If there is any occasion for festive meal then eat dairy milk If you have passed the examination, eat dairy milk. Anyone winning a cricket match, dairy milk, joining dairy milk with every success has made the brand successful. Dairy milk is also being introduced in the form of sweets from Kuch Mitha Ho Jaa Announcement. If you love wife, feed him daily dairy! Do not worry about money. Money will be the father!

Interesting facts

  • Three names were also considered for the name of the milk chocolate: Jersey, Highland property and dairy med. Finally, the last two names were added and the dairy name was selected. Who knew who would become the world's most popular chocolate brand next?

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