Facebook The first popular social networking brand


The first popular social networking brand

     Facebook is a 21st Century Cool Website. Through it, people can find friends from their school - college - age, they can chat with friends, relatives, show videos to one another, even video chat can be done. The biggest thing is that, whenever a friend sends a message on Facebook, your cellphone receives its notifications for free. 
Facebook is the world's most popular social networking website and platform. But did you know that a 20-year-old college student started it? And the student became the youngest billionaire in the world because of him? Yes t that’s, Mark Zuckerberg (born 1984) started a Facebook website with his friends in 2004 and in four years he became a billionaire. 

     Mark Zuckerberg had been feeling embarrassed since his early childhood. Mark games were made while other kids were playing computer games. While studying at Harvard, he made a website called Fasmesh in which he placed photos of two boys and two girls. Then he insisted on the people coming to the website to give more attractive photos. Harvard's server was stalled because of the popularity of this website, which started on Weekend, and this website has been discontinued. Then Zuckerberg's popularity increased. Three students asked Zuckerberg to create a website called Harvard Connection, so that Harvard students could communicate within themselves. Why do not you create a website on which people can interact with each other, show their photos and videos?

    Zuckerberg created Facebook's first version in two weeks and started Facebook website on 4 February 2004. It should be kept in mind that at the time he did not have much money and he lived in the Harvard's dormitory room. He rented a server at a price of $ 85 per month and started a website. Initially this website was used only by Harvard students, but later students of other college were allowed to use it. Then the students of the school. . . And then every person aged 13 years of age has been allowed to use it. In the first year, it became one million members. Today Facebook is the most busy website in the world after Google. Today Mark Zuckerberg has a wealth of $ 71 billion and nearly one fourth of Facebook's creators. This is the miracle of all the Facebook brand!

Lessons from brand management

  • Facebook changed from brand hobby to business, when PayPal co-founder Peter Theile invested $ 500,000 in 2004. In April 2005, Excel Partners invested $ 1.27 million. In October 2007, Microsoft invested $ 24 million and thus Facebook's value was estimated at $ 50 billion. Mark Zuckerberg would not want to sell it or bring its IPO. They are afraid that due to this, Facebook may not be submerged in the flood of Facebook advertisements or it will not break its backbone in the pressure of earning more profits every three months, even though Facebook's IPO can be marketed and a 10% stake can be sold in 10 billion dollars Is there. If that happens, the value of Facebook brand will be 100 billion dollars!
  • Facebook has started a video calling service in 2011, so that it came out as a powerful networking brand. Earlier, Facebook had thought of acquiring video calling brand Skype, but when Microsoft bought it high bid, Facebook started video calling on its strength.

Interesting facts

  • Facebook has been legally recognized in Australia. Sending someone to summon or notice by Facebook is very legally, someone sent to someone individually. In the Indian lawn, India has also been registered on the basis of the complaint (FIR) made on Facebook's website.
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