Google Intellectual Brand of Websites

Intellectual Brand of  Websites

       More than half of the world's web site is being used by Google. More than one billion people search Google every day. Around one million servers globally flip through the information on the screen. Anyway, the situation was different when Sergey Brin (born 1973) and Larry Page (born 1973) created the world's most popular search engine. In the 1990s, search engines such as Yahoo and Lycos were popular and did not seem to have required any new search engines, but Larry Page and Sergey Brin found this as necessary. Brin and Page wanted that the search engine would give the event according to the event and importance, so that in ten residences, the customer would get their favorite information, Brin and Page named this technology as PageRank and in 1996 a search engine named Beckerba was created.
      By 1998, he created data base of 25 million web pages. In August 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin met with Andy Bactoslim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems. Knowing his ideas, Andy soon gave a one-million dollar check to the name of a company when it was not even established: Google Inc. Larry and Sergey established the Google company on September 4, 1998, to check that check and by that name! Account opened in the bank In August 2004, Google announced listing of its company in the market. The company's price of $ 85 in October was $ 700 in October 2007.
     Google has made many new experiments. In July 2000, it became Yahoo's default search provider. That year, Google has one billion URL indexes, and it became the world's largest search engine. Google Toolbar has been released in December 2000. Google is the first email provider to provide mailboxes with the power of a single GB. In 2004, its social networking site Orkut started. Google Earth came in June 2005. In October 2006, Google bought Youtube. In 2008 Google Translate started, which can translate into 60 languages. In September 2008, he created an open source browser, Google Chrome.
       In 2007, Google created Android's first open platform for mobile. In January 2010, Google also released an Android phone named Nexus One. Google's revenue was $ 29.32 billion in 2010 and profit was $ 8.5 billion. Today, Sergey Brin and Larry Page have a wealth of $ 16.6 billion due to Google, and they are ranked 26th in the world's richest men.

Lessons of Brand Management

  • Google has looked at the convenience and desire of customers since the beginning. For this reason, there is no picture on its homepage, only words remain and even fewer so that people do not have to wait and the rushes quickly get on the screen, keep in mind that there are no images in Google's ads.
  • Google started his journey with a search engine, but he tried to make the customers more comfortable with the brand extension. Initially, there was a convenience to search only words. Then the image search was started. Then the video search was also joined. After that there was also the convenience of Gmail. Then the video chatting phase started. Now Google has become a full brand adding Youtube, Orkut and Blogger features. Google has become one-stop solution in today's search and communication field by developing an intellectual brand.
Interesting facts

  • While creating a Google search engine Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University, P.hd. Were doing so They were studying behind a search engine, so they wanted to sell it. He proposed to sell it for $ 1 million in front of George Beal, CEO of Acaite. Bell stumbled the proposal by disclosing the lack of foresight.

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