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The brand of Youngistaan

In 1893, a young pharmacist from North Carolina, Caleb Brendham, thought about selling a tasty drink on his soda fasten. In the end, he created a 'breads drink', which contained carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils, pepsin and cola nuts. Anyway, they knew that Bryce Drink was not an ideal brand name, so in 1898, he bought a trade name named Pep Kola in 100 dollars and in 1903 founded Pepsi-Cola Company.

The popularity of PepsiCola began to grow, but after the first world war, her founder made a big mistake. In the hope of increasing sugar prices in the 1920s, Bradham bought a lot of sugar from the commodity market, but its prices fell. As a result, in 1923 the company hit the bankrupt and its asset-crane holding corporation was sold for $ 30,000. Pepsi-Cola Company once again started in 1928, but in 1931, it took a second-tranche. This time the candy company named Lot bought it.

In 1934, Pepsi's fortunes were cut off. Prior to low cost, it was called Kitchen Brand, but in 1958, the company launched a campaign to establish itself as a youth class brand. In 1963, PepsiCola's young generation was highly praised in advertising. For many decades, the company was selling only one product Pepsi-Cola, in 1964, she first introduced Diet Pepsi by brand accettacon, which had fewer calories.

Today PepsiCo Company sells its products in more than 200 countries. It has Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Lease Potato Chips, Gatorade, Diet Pepsi, Tropica Beverages, Seven Ap, Mirinda, Aquaquina, Cheatos and Mega Braffs. In 2010, the company's sales stood at $ 7.838 billion and the profit was $ 6.338 billion.

Pepsi Company makes a product even with the local market in mind. Like in India, in 2009, he was named Nemmubus Lemon Drink, 'Most Genuine Indian'! Made a market with advertising, which was like the popular liquid water in India's home. Pepsi started in 1988, when Pepsi started with joint ventures with Punjab Agro Industrial Corporation and Voltas India Ltd., until 1991 Pepsi was named as Lahar Pepsi. When India's doors were opened for foreign brands, Pepsi continued to work alone by eliminating the joint venture. It has 36 bottling plants in India. Today Pepsi's product portfolio includes Water, Tea, Coffee Drys, Yus, Joes Dricks and many other soft drakes. Soft Drick Coke is still ahead of the segment, but due to the remaining products, PepsiCo's total sales ($ 5 billion, 2010), and more than Coca-Cola Company ($ 57 billion, 2010). Indian-based Indra K, Nooyi PepsiCo's current c. E. O Is there.

Lessons of Brand Management

  • After 1934, when Coke's 6-inch bottle was found in five sets, Pepsi began to sell 12 cents of war in five cents. This policy was very successful because the downturn was going on and people around the world preferred cheap goods. Pepsi's brand became a very cheap option because of the policy of giving double the price in the same price.
  • In 1975, Pepsi did a perfect job. He organized Pepsi Challenge, which was compared to the taste of Pepsi and Coke by binding on customers' eyes. Most consumers feel better at Pepsi's taste. By announcing the results of Pepsi Challenge, Pepsi showed that most people prefer Pepsi's sweet taste in comparison. Today, Pepsi is giving an announcement of 'Youngistaan' considering the younger class and has established herself as the 'Favorite Cola of the Young Class'

Interesting facts

  • Between 1992 and 1933, Coca-Cola was offered twice to buy a penny-cola company, but Coca-Cola did not release the proposal to P, if Coca-Cola had bought it from Bhipar, it would not have been so sadakahiri today. Cola war would not have happened too!

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