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If the twentieth century was a personal computer, then twenty-first century was called the ninety-second century but not called exaggerated. Today's most popular brands are those that came in this century such as Facebook, iPod and YouTube. YouTube is the third most popular website on the Internet after Google and Facebook. Anyone on this website can upload their own home videos for free and show others the video. That is the international stage to take this home video into a simple language.
Before the establishment of YouTube, three employees working in pay-per-time, Chad MeridienHillley, Steven Chen and Javed Karem did the work in California, USA. It is said that a dinner party was held in Steven Chen's apartment in San Francisco, in which it was difficult for the videos to show to their friends, because at the time they were in another city. To solve this problem, they are in their minds. The idea of creating a website is that people can upload their home videos and show their friends and relatives. All three friends began to make a website in the garage and on 14 February 2005 they got the web address of YouTube. In May 2005, YouTube launched the beta version and in November 2009 it has its official start. In November 2009, the venture fund Sequoia Capital invested $ 1.15 million into it, so that it did not have any problems with money. The website immediately became popular and in July 2006, the company announced that more than ten million people are coming to the site every day and 65,000 new videos are being uploaded.
You Tube is the world's second largest online movie. Here every 35 hours of new videos are uploaded every minute, 70% of which are outside the United States members. Normal members spend fifteen minutes on Youtube every day. You Tube is available in 34 languages. His main line summarizes all his things 'Broadcast Yourself'. "
The YouTube Mobile Website was launched in June 2007 by seeing the popularity of mobile phones. He stepped outside the United States in 2007 and reached new countries. In November, 2008, it featured films and TV. V. Episodes also began to show. In January, 2010, YouTube won a free online broadcast of 60 Indian Premier League matches. It is a straightforward thing that today YouTube has become a very successful brand, but it is accused of violating copyright law. T. V. Youtube has set a 15-minute deadline for July, 2010 in order to prevent illegal ammunition of shows and movies.

Lessons of Brand Management

  • You Tube lost $ 174 million in 2009. Some experts believe that Google is knowingly undermining Youtube profits, as many illegal videos are uploaded to YouTube. If he shows a true profit, he can file heavy claims of damages. It is in the company's interest to see if YouTube is running in a loss. This will also cause a good impression, because it strengthens the claim of philanthropy. 

  • In many countries including China, YouTube has been banned from time to time, which has increased its popularity. In 2006 - 07 in Thailand, then in Turkey and Morocco, Pakistan in 2008, Libya in 2010 - for some time it was banned in all these countries. But do not attempt a single Google for Google screening because it wants to keep YouTube in a democracy. It is also true, this brand of democracy is standing!

Interesting facts

  • Youtube is the first ever popular video: Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' video has seen over 19 million people!

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