Chandrashckhara Venkata Raman

Chandrashckhara Venkata Raman

             Chandrashckhara Venkata Raman Chandrashckhara Venkata RamanChandrashckhara Venkata Raman. Indian scientist and the first Nobel prize winner for Science in Asia. was born on November 7, 1888, in Tiruvanaikkaval village. Tiruchirapplli district in Channel (Madras), Tamil Nadu. His father Chandrashekhara lyer graduated with physics and became a lecturer. Raman was the second child of his parents. Since childhood he was slightly built but excelled in studies. From a young age, he had won many prizes and scholarships.

                At the age of 11, he passed the matriculation examination with first rank. Two years later, he cleared the university inter examination with a first class first, paving the way for his scholarship. He joined the famous presidency College of Chennai for his graduation. Along with English, he had chosen physics as his principal subject. He was the youngest student in an the college. professor of English, Eliot was quite surprised to see this young boy in class and was taken aback when informed that he was only a 13-year- old lad. in 1904, Raman passed Chennai University's BA examination from the Presidency College with a first class first in physics.

                After completing his BA he was to be sent to England for further studies, but according to the civil surgeon of Channel. his weak constitution would not allow Raman to withstand the harsh climate of England. Thus, his trip to England was cancelled and as an alternative he decided to study for MA with his favourite subject physics from the same college. The professor of physic-sat the presidency College of that time was liberal with Raman. So, along with his studies he carried out experiments without any guidance. With the available equipment in the college he continued with his research work.Here,initially he carried out research on the diffraction of light. He submitted his research paper to his professor to read, but his busy schedule did not permit him to have a look at the paper for three months. Therefore,Raman worked on the paper again and sent it to London's Philosophical Magazine.This research work too was published in the same magazine. it was about surface tension in the liquids. in 1907, he passed his MA in physics with a first class first and bagged all the medals and prizes.

            Since ill health prevented him from going abroad he decided to join the government service. He decided to appear for the financial Civil Services examination; the country's best financial audit service. After appearing for the examination he confidently predicted he would stand first and it happened so. Meanwhile, he got married to Loksundari. At that time Kolkata (Calcutta) was the financial capital of India. He was appointed as the Deputy Accountant General there. He and his wife arrived in Kolkata. At such a young age, adapting a language and culture different from theirs, his wife set up house in Kolkata and gave him all the cooperation he needed. 
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